Sheets and coils

Grinding throughout the whole production process

Benefit from powerful VSM abrasives

  • Repair and customer-specific grinding of slabs, coils, sheets, punches and laser parts
  • Long service times and thereby smaller setup costs
  • VSM TOP SIZE products have an improved cutting performance and reduced temperature in the contact area
  • The anti-adhesive layer VSM STEARATE prevents chip adhesion and thus clogging of the abrasive
  • VSM CERAMICS Plus und VSM CERAMICS for an aggressive cut
  • VSM COMPACTGRAIN for an even stock removal and continuous surface roughness

Find out more about flat surface grinding here: 

Flat surface grinding brochure

Repair grinding of slabs

Extremely robust cloth backings enhance the properties of the abrasive grain and produce the best possible cutting behaviour when repair-grinding slabs. 

Repair grinding of coils and heavy plates

A long useful life and consistent roughness is what VSM abrasives on a cloth or paper backing can ensure when repair-grinding coils and heavy plates.

Customer-specific grinding of coils and sheets

Due to their smooth back, paper-backed abrasives improve the cutting behaviour of long-belt operations. Open-coated abrasives make for a cooler cut.

Customer-specific grinding of squares

The deburring of square material is aided by the use of special and sturdy materials.

For flawless surfaces

VSM abrasives are characterised by consistent and reproducible surface finishes. Gloss is one important parameter to describe the visual appearance of an object. It is an optical property which indicates how well a surface reflects light in a mirror-like direction. The intensity of the reflection can be technically measured.

VSM's comprehensive range of abrasives produce a large variety of different gloss Units and scratch patterns. Scratch patterns in 1G, 2G or with a fine hairline finish can be achieved using VSM abrasives.