Tubes and bars

VSM - Your specialist for cylindrical grinding

Benefit from powerful VSM abrasives

  • For grinding tubes, bars and cylindrical workpieces
  • Long service life and thereby smaller setup costs
  • VSM TOP SIZE products have an improved cutting performance and reduced temperature in the contact area
  • The anti-adhesive layer VSM STEARATE prevents chip adhesion and thus clogging of the abrasive
  • VSM CERAMICS Plus und VSM CERAMICS for an aggressive cut
  • VSM COMPACTGRAIN for an even stock removal and continuous surface roughness

Find out more about cylindrical grinding here: 

Cylindrical grinding brochure

Grinding of longitudinally welded tubes

Highly sturdy backings improve the cutting behaviour when grinding longitudinal welds and can reliably withstand the high loads involved in grinding.

Centerless grinding of tubes and bars

VSM COMPACTGRAIN will impress with its extremely long service life and consistent surface finishes for centerless grinding.

Cylindrical grinding of tubes and bars

Our flexible backing materials are especially suited for cylindrical grinding with hand-held machines as they easily follow the shape of the workpiece.

Cylindrical grinding of rollers

Repair-grinding with VSM CERAMICS is an extremely suitable process for the quick and reliable removal of imperfections in rolls.