VSM produces belts from file belts-to wide belts and from abrasive sleeves to long belts. They are supplied on cloth and paper backings and are suitable for levelling weld seams,

deburring work, grinding castings, grinding out flaws and producing the perfect finish.

Our product range

  • Backings made from paper or cloth
  • Wide range of dimensions
  • Various types of belt joints tailored to the respective application
  • Available in many different grit sizes and grain technologies

Product Highlights


VSM CERAMICS Plus belt with optimised self-sharpening effect on a very sturdy polyester backing. Generates maximum stock removal when machining high-alloyed steels at high pressure and reduces costs. more


VSM CERAMICS belt with self-sharpening effect impresses when machining extremely hard surfaces due to its aggressive cut and an extremely long service life. Suitable for many different applications. more


VSM COMPACTGRAIN long-term abrasive with continuous self-sharpening effect that reduces grinding costs due to fewer tool changes at a very high stock removal with even surface roughness over its entire, very long service life. more

Belt classifications

VSM produces belts in a wide range of dimensions.

  • Long belts (ELA)
  • Narrow belts (ESM)
  • Master belts (EBM)
  • Wide belts (EBR)
  • Short belts (EKU)
  • File belts (EFE)
  • Rings (ERI)


Paper backings

  • Optimum stretching behaviour
  • Lower weight in comparism to cloth backings
  • The lower the paper weight the more flexible is the backing

Cloth backings

  • Available with aramid, cotton, polyester or polycotton backings
  • Elongation and flexibility parameters are fine-tuned in in-house finishing plant
  • High tensile strength
  • Available cloth backings range from extremely flexible to extremely sturdy

VSM belt joints

E07 – VSM belt joint

Straight cut, glued underneath

Strong and robust standard belt joint for all geometries.
Is mostly used with cloth-backed belts and suitable for all areas of application.

E27 - VSM belt joint

Wave cut, glued underneath

Belt joint for "gentle" operations in the grinding zone; ensures smoother running of the machine.
Suitable for wide and narrow belts with cloth backing.

E13 - VSM belt joint

Straight cut, both ends overlapping

Is mainly used for wide and narrow belts with paper backing for flat grinding.

E14 - VSM belt joint

Straight cut, both ends overlapping, upper flap is grainless

Suitable for flat grinding applications with contact shoe.
Is primarily used for woodworking.