EuroBLECH 2016 – VSM shows product highlights and unique grinding bike

VSM CERAMICS, COMPACTGRAIN and NON-WOVEN ABRASIVES: all three products are VSM Quality Abrasives for coil and sheet metal grinding. EuroBLECH 2016, the 24th International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition gave visitors the opportunity of sampling our products in person. Irrespective of whether defined scratch patterns, clean deburring or efficient descaling was required, VSM has the right abrasive for almost any flat grinding process for specialist retailers, trade professionals and industry.

"Special highlights included the self-sharpening ceramic grain abrasives for large stock removal, VSM CERAMICS Plus XK885Y, on a heavy polyester backing and XP780, on a paper backing. Other products on display were the long-standing, durable VSM COMPACTGRAIN KK712 and KK770J, abrasives which leave a perfect surface finish and VSM NON-WOVEN abrasives for the satin finishing of sheet metal" explains René Vogt, Marketing Director for Germany. Many of the visitors that came onto the stand asked the VSM specialists for technical information and advice.

In addition to exhibiting a large variety of different products on the stand, VSM also had a working 8-head grinding station on display. The operations performed on the station started with rough grinding and ended with a perfect surface finish of the sheet metals by using VSM abrasives.

The unique VSM grinding bike was another special highlight on the stand. Trade visitors were asked to step on it and power a grinding process using only their muscle strength. And there were many prizes to be won! Each day of the show, the visitors with the highest marks were lucky winners of fantastic prizes.

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The Trade Show was also a huge success for the organisers of the EuroBLECH. More than 60,000 trade visitors from 100 different countries saw the latest in cutting-edge sheet metal working technology by approx. 1,500 exhibitors. This is an increase in the number of visitors of 2% over the last show in 2014. VSM will definitely be exhibiting again at EuroBLECH 2018! 


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