MRO Asia-Pacific: VSM grinding expertise for the international aviation industry

The leading trade fair MRO Asia-Pacific shows: For the most productive processing of aircraft components, VSM abrasives are the ideal choice, since they offer decisive competitive advantages.

All the important players in the relevant supplier and maintenance industry come together in Singapore in the autumn, when MRO Asia-Pacific opens its doors. As in the previous year, VSM exhibited its products there from 24 to 26 September 2019 at its joint stand with Ban Chu Leong Technologies (BCL), VSM’s sales and distribution partner for Singapore. BCL Abrasives is the regional specialist for the aviation industry – and is extremely well connected there.

ACTIROX – the crowd puller
This time, the main attraction at the joint stand – the only abrasives stand in the entire trade fair – was clearly the high stock removal abrasives with ceramic grains. These include the VSM CERAMICS and CERAMICS Plus products, which are very popular in the aviation industry: They ensure aggressive, cool grinding, high stock removal rates and a long service life.  Also, the new highlight VSM ACTIROX: "ACTIROX attracted the most visitors to our stand, including some well-known competitors", reports Ivan Ong, Managing Director of BCL. The geometrically formed ceramic grains grind very aggressively and quickly. This ensures maximum stock removal when grinding alloyed and non-alloyed steels, stainless steels and carbon steels.

More productivity for the aviation industry
ACTIROX is ideally suited for working on construction elements or welded constructions, for example, and for deburring flame-cut parts made of carbon steel. Here, it achieves an impressive increase in stock removal of up to 50 percent compared to previously leading abrasives. Furthermore, the service life is increased and setup costs are reduced. "All in all, ACTIROX massively increases productivity and this is a great advantage, especially in the extremely competitive aviation industry", says Ivan Ong of BCL. "Many companies have already recognised this and we continue to work hard towards becoming the top partner in the industry."

About VSM

With 150 years of experience, VSM AG is one of the leading companies in the international abrasives market. Its core expertise lies in the production of coated abrasives. VSM develops high-end solutions for abrasives, which have to meet the specific requirements of specialist retailers, trade professionals and industry. We always put our customers first. Our network of subsidiaries and sales partners gives us a presence in more than 70 different countries.

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