VSM features the very latest in high-performing ceramic grain products with ultimate stock removal in their VSM CERAMICS Plus range. The advantages of the new VSM CERAMICS Plus abrasives are very impressive. With an increase in stock removal of up to 30 %, their grinding performance is significantly better as compared to traditional ceramic grain...

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Location development in Hungary

VSM upgrades the production and distribution of its subsidiary Duna Vitex in Hungary with investments amounting to milions of euros. Our aim is to press further ahead with establishing the brand VSM in the Hungarian and Roumanian markets.

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VSM continues to invest at headquarters

VSM decided to make considerable investments at the Company's headquarters in Hanover. Close to 9 million Euros were earmarked for the construction of a cutting-edge shipping warehouse on Company land in Hainholz. The Hanover-based company, which enjoys a long-standing tradition, operates in more than 70 countries throughout the world and is one of...

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